Raised Bed Garden….Concrete Cinder Blocks

Raised Bed Garden….Concrete Cinder Blocks


Many types of gardens were on exhibit at the Urban Garden Festival, which was held at Ellington Agricultural Center in Nashville last weekend. One of the gardens that quickly caught my eye

was the concrete cinder block garden in the above photo. While it would take a lot of time to put this block garden together, it is very functional being at table-height. The colorful, spray painted blocks made for an impressive, whimsical garden design. One of the things I loved most was the compost bin in the center of the garden. How handy is that?

Compost Bin

Compost Bin

Here are some smaller versions of the cinder block garden which I would find more doable. These smaller gardens would be great for growing herbs.



Why used cinder blocks you ask? CHEAP…these blocks are around $1-2 dollars in home improvement stores.

When I placed these around my chicken coop, I included edible items for my chickens to munch on as they free-range in the yard. They are also good protection around the coop to keep out critters because they are HEAVY!

What do you think of these cinder block gardens? Do you know any one who has one?


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