Little Red Chicken Coop Tour!

Little Red Chicken Coop Tour!


Considering chickens? A coop is the most important part of your decision. Scroll down and let my Buff Orpington, Goldie, give you a tour!



Here is my barn red 3 X 5 coop that I found on Craig’s List. We have kept as many as 8 chickens inside and we currently have 4! We usually paint it every fall and as you can see, it needs it now. The HH built an attached  enclosed run for the chickens and then later we added a fenced in area where they can free-range.


IMG_1676The nest box is an important feature of any coop. Mine has a lock on one end so that animals cannot get inside and gather the eggs before I have a chance.


There are three nest boxes inside the coop but all the girls use this one which is lined with pine shavings. Occasionally, if there is a wait, they will choose an alternate box but they are creatures of habit.


The bottom of the coop is covered in wire and I have boards to place over top of the wire in the winter when it is cold. In the spring, I slowly remove boards as the temps get warmer and add boards back in October or November when it begins to cool down in Tennessee.IMG_1677

Here is my vent door covered with wire so that predators cannot get inside. The chickens line up on the roost bar every night in front of this window, even in the winter when it is cold and the door is shut!


Stripe is eating out of my super-duper big feeder. This large feeder works great when I am going out of town and need to put in a big bag of feed.


My gutter feeder is used for the oyster shells I use to give the girls their calcium boost for good, strong egg shells.



Outside the coop is my super duper waterer that holds enough water for about one week for my four chickens! Red thought Goldie was having too much fun so she wanted to stand by the waterer too. Since this photo, I have moved the waterer into an area with more ground cover. The HH pointed out that it was too much in the open and made the girls more vulnerable to hawks.


Goldie is standing by one of her favorite spots, the compost bin. The girls know that all good things can be found in the compost bin…watermelon rinds, egg shells, leftover vegetables. And locating the compost bin inside the run guarantees it will get turned frequently!


Goldie is now entering the open part of the outdoor run. We have allowed  everything back in this area to grow wild to provide a natural barrier from hawks. There is a large, fallen tree at the back where the girls congregate together.

What do you think of my little red coop? The girls and I love our small but very functional coop!


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