Helping Outdoor Plants Survive Without You!

Helping Outdoor Plants Survive Without You!


As we were getting ready to go on vacation a few weeks ago, I began to worry about my outdoor plants. Keep reading to learn how I kept them alive while I was gone for over a week!


My plant survival kit consisted of a small plastic swimming pool purchased at Wal-Mart for $5.00 and water. Our Saturday to Saturday vacation meant certain death for my plants without my ingenious plan. : )


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My plants did great while we were gone! The only negative was that the water smelled terrible but I quickly dumped it out to water the grass. Even my vintage ice cream freezer did well in the swimming pool! Pin this idea to have for your next vacation or a time when you know you will be super busy. If your climate is anything like Nashville, you can only go a couple of days before watering your outdoor plants before they wither.


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  1. Hi, Lucy! I just found your wonderful blog through Tracy’s Link-up! What a joy to visit here…it is just lovely. I am your newest subscriber and look forward to all of your future posts. My husband and I love Nashville and came there for our honeymoon over 27 years ago. My Daddy was from Athens, Tennessee. Every time I think of Tennessee, I think of Dad…miss him so much! God called him home 15 years ago. Anyhow, it was great to “meet” someone from a place so dear to my heart! God bless you. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your sweet comments Cheryl! I lost my dad this time last year and it was hard. I have not been to Athens that I can remember. Welcome!

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