Death of a Flock Part 2

Death of a Flock Part 2


My routine is simple. Get up, turn on the coffee pot, go let the chickens out. This has been my routine for over two years. Not any more…last week everything changed.

My new routine is get up, turn on the coffee pot, go set the trap. Even though we have not seen the wild dogs in a few days, they will most likely return. When they do, the trap will be set….waiting.

If I capture the dog(s), I will deliver them to animal control. In my mind, I have envisioned their death in many ways but in the end I realize it is not their fault. They were mistreated, not fed, and doing the best they can to survive.

Stripe, my last remaining chicken, put up a good fight after the attack, but in the end her injuries were too great. Watermelon and worms were her last meal before I took her to be put down.

Will I get more chickens? Maybe…I am not sure. Sometimes I think, no, not until I can ensure their safety, but you can never fully protect any animal. 

The chickens chirping happily to one another while eating grass is one of my favorite memories. They will be missed.


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  1. I am soooo sad and sorry this happened. We are planning to relocate to our retirement home on Lake Cherokee (east of Knoxville) beginning September. We have owned the home for 5 years now only using it as a “vacation/work home” 3x a year to ready it for our permanent residency. First on our list has been constructing the chicken house and yard to accept new babies in the spring. We have a one acre orchard and have plans to let them pasture during the day with our supervision. My husband is busy picking out his “girls” to add to our family. I can only imagine how heartbroken you are (and he would be in the same situation. I have enjoyed so much your posts about your girls, and other things too, but mostly your girls. Good luck in catching the culprit/s.

  2. Thanks for your sweet comments Marie. While I know they were chickens, they have been a source of constant entertainment for my husband and I. Good luck with your move and with your chicks in the Spring! Lucy

  3. Whitey too??? I’m so sorry!!!

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss. It is terrible when people don’t take care of their animals, especially when it results in an incident like yours. I hope you get more chickens so you can enjoy their company again.

  5. Thank you Betty. I really want more chickens and have been looking to see what is available. We shall see.

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