Backyard chickens have been more fun for the dh (dear husband) and myself than either of us could have ever imagined. Before taking the plunge into the crazy world of chickens, I did loads of research. Here are a few of my favorite books (I will continue to add to the list so check back):

Once Upon a Flock: Life with my Soulful Chickens by Lauren Scheuer. This book is a fun read of how a family began keeping chickens and is filled with wonderful illustrations.

Raising Chickens for Dummies by Kimberly Willis and Rob Ludlow. Good starter information on selecting, feeding and housing chickens.

Homemade Living: Keeping Chickens with Ashley English: All You Need to Know to Care for a Happy, Healthy Flock” by Ashley English

Little House in the Suburbs This book is still one of my favorites covering a variety of topics from chickens to goats and promotes the idea of simple living.

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