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Backyard Homestead Projects….Books Worth Reading

Backyard Homestead Projects….Books Worth Reading
Backyard Homestead

Backyard Homestead

If you are looking for a book with backyard homestead projects, this is the book for you. The book has clear, well-laid out plans with great photos. There are plans for chicken coops, chicken tractors, raised garden beds, planters, beehives, and goat sheds.

This book contains a photo and directions for each step of the process in building, wiring, and plumbing.

Here is the table of contents:

Garden structures

– raised bed

– terraced bed

– trellises, cages, and poles

– arbors

– composters

– hot boxes and variations

– vertical gardening

– tool maintenance, organizing

– rooftop installation

Fences and pens

– gates

– wire fences

– wooden fences (wind break, privacy)

– stone fences

– masonry walls

– electric fences

– deer-proof fences

– overhead protection for pens

Basic coop building

-step-by-step small coop

-step-by-step big coop

-assembling a coop kit

-build-your-own feeders and waterers


-nesting boxes

-assembling a coop kit

-step-by-step small chicken tractor

-step-by-step small big tractor

Step-by-step shed building





-step-by-step goat shelter

-step-by-step assembling a shed kit

– feed storage

– animal play structures

Wind power

– options

– water pumping

– electrical generation

Solar power

– vent fan

– pump for cistern

– lighting


– pond and tank options

– fish

– feed

– filtering

– irrigation


– do-it-yourself systems

– off-the-shelf options

Building a chicken tractor





Stock feeding, watering




-milking stands


Building hives

– Langstroth

– top bar

– Warre

Setting up a farm shop

– basic tools

– bench

– bench tools

– table and radial arm saws

– lighting

Farmyard plumbing

– underground pipes

– wells

– artesian wells

– pumps

– freeze protection

– drip and other irrigation

Farmyard wiring

– underground lines

– GFCI protection

– lighting

– heat

Quick repairs and other improvisations

– leaks

– broken gates

– quick plumbing repairs

– prepping for rough weather

– banishing varmints and predators

– quick fences

– working with PVC pipe (nonplumbing uses)


Freezer Meals….Don’t Panic More Dinner’s in the Freezer $1.99!

Freezer Meals….Don’t Panic More Dinner’s in the Freezer $1.99!

Freezer Cookbook

Imagine coming home from work and all you have to do is pop dinner in the oven and cook it. Aah…feels good doesn’t it. That is what appeals to me about freezer meals. The last thing I want to do is come home and cook!

Now, what if I told you that you could buy a book full of freezer meal recipes for $1.99 to download from Kindle. Woo Hoo!

What I love about the Don’t Panic books is they give you directions and measurements to cook 1 meal, 3 meals, 6 meals, or 9 meals. Along with recipes, the book gives you shopping tips, cooking tips, and how to freeze your meals. The meals include appetizers, soups, meats, side dishes and desserts. The kindle edition is on Amazon for $1.99, you can’t beat that price!

On Sunday, I have started to make our breakfasts for the week. This has been such a time saver. Think about what it would be like to have breakfast and dinner out-of-the-way every day. I use our dinner leftovers for lunch the next day. Suddenly cooking is appealing again! Well, sort of!?!

Here is a link to other kindle edition freezer meal cookbooks. Most of them are very inexpensive!


Books Worth Reading….The Plateau

Books Worth Reading….The Plateau
The Plateau

The Plateau

A friend of ours, Michael Knott, wrote his first historical fiction novel recently. The HH just finished it and really enjoyed reading this book!

From Amazon….There are places in rural Tennessee where you can live in complete isolation….and where things can become unimaginably strange. Phillip Albert Smith discovers these various oddities and quirks through the little town of Calvin, Tennessee when his late uncle bequeaths him 300 acres of land that backs up to a vast area of foothills, valleys, and streams leading to the Cumberland Plateau—all owned by the government. Smitty is shocked by the things and occurrences he encounters in this wholly unfamiliar place. Eugenics, Religion, and Southern Culture pose an intriguing, yet unstable, mix.As Smitty explores his land, bizarre noises and nauseous odors draw him and his friends to enter the prohibited government property to investigate. With the local authorities and a clandestine group opposing him, he and his friends are drawn into a nightmare of twisted events and an incomprehensible operation being run in the depths of the Plateau.

The Cumberland Plateau is the southern part of the Appalachian Plateau. It includes much of eastern Kentucky, part of Tennessee, and a small portion of northern Alabama and northwest Georgia. In Tennessee many rivers and creeks have carved deep gorges into the plateau resulting in large number of waterfalls, including Falls Creek Falls, the highest single plunge east of the Rockies. This is a beautiful area where we have been camping and hiking many times.

Take a look at The Plateau and see if it is something you would like to read!

Chicken books….Once Upon a Flock

Chicken books….Once Upon a Flock


This summer, I read a wonderful book about raising chickens titled, Once Upon a Flock by Lauren Scheuer. My own adventures with chickens had just begun and I loved reading about her experiences starting off with a flock. Her illustrations are so enjoyable and bring her flock alive for her readers!

Here is an excerpt from the Amazon website…..
Once Upon a Flock: Life with My Soulful Chickens stars Scheuer’s backyard chickens—with their big personalities, friendships, rivalries, and secrets—and the flock’s guardian, Marky the terrier. The flock includes Hatsy, the little dynamo; Lil’White, the deranged and twisted Buff Orpington; Pigeon, the fixer-upper chicken; and Lucy, the special-needs hen who bonds with Lauren and becomes a fast friend.

This charming story of Lauren’s life with her quirky flock is filled with moments of humor and heartbreak: When Lucy is afflicted with a neurological disease, Lauren builds Lucy a special-needs coop. When Lucy’s nesting instinct leads

Lauren to act as a chicken midwife of sorts, Lauren hatches a chick in her home. And when Lucy’s best friend Hatsy falls ill, Lauren finds an unlikely friend for Lucy in a chicken named Pigeon, who requires an emergency bath and blow-dry. Enthusiastically immersing herself in the world of her flock, Lauren discovers that love, loss, passion, and resilience are not only parts of the human experience, but of the chicken experience as well. Throughout it all, Lauren documents the laughter and drama of her flock’s adventures with her own whimsical photos and illustrations. At once humorous, poignant, and informative, Once Upon a Flock is a feathered tale like no other.