10 Ways to Prepare for an Empty Nest!

10 Ways to Prepare for an Empty Nest!

10 Ways to Prepare foran Empty Nest!

Over the next couple of weeks, parents all over the country will take their last child off to college and deposit them safely in their new “nest”. The HH and I will do that also and then what? Luckily, we have done a little preparation that will hopefully give us a somewhat smoother transition.

A few years ago the HH and I decided it would be a good idea to reconnect as a couple. Having three kids that are super busy can often pull you in different directions. When you do have time to spend with each other, you are too exhausted to do anything.

Look at what you like to do together as a couple. The HH and I decided we would become season ticket holders at our local performing arts center, TPAC. We choose the Saturday afternoon performance so that we could have an early dinner afterwards. We also like football and decided that was something we could do together by going to Titan’s football games.

If you are looking for some simpler ideas, consider these 10 ways to prepare for an empty nest….

  1. Start a dinner club with friends you have not seen in a while. Designate one day a month, or instance the first Saturday of every month. With a consistent date, everyone is more likely to plan around it.
  2. Consider starting a vegetable or flower garden.
  3. Start playing tennis or golf or whatever you gave up when you became so busy with your children.
  4. Exercise! Find a friend who is also empty nesting and start walking together.
  5. Cook and share with others. Often when I prepare a huge meal, I share it with one of our elderly neighbors. The husband is having to do all the cooking now and he is so grateful for whatever I bring.
  6. Volunteer at a local school. Schools are always looking for adults to tutor students.
  7. Take a class. Cooking classes, sewing classes, or learning a foreign language are all great things to take on.
  8. Take a dance class with your spouse.
  9. Travel…even if it is in your own city. Nashville has activities every weekend. The HH grew up here but there are so many things he has never seen.
  10. RELAX!!!! You have been working hard for at least the last 18 years. Enjoy a little me time and do not feel guilty!!!


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